Rich knows how to listen and when to counsel. He guided me in writing my personal mission, story and value statements to point me in the right direction. Then we devised an action plan to kickstart my new career. I’m already doing projects and making valuable connections in my chosen field. There’s no doubt that Rich has helped me find my way.
— David S., Portland, Oregon

About you

You’re in the mid or later stages of your career. Accomplished, admired, at the top of your game.

Maybe a business owner, entrepreneur, senior executive or licensed professional. By any standard, you’ve done well. Others in your position might be satisfied to rest on their laurels.

But you have other ideas. 

You're ready to make your next difference. To bring new meaning to your work. Maybe something social or environmental. Local. Possibly global. You might be eyeing a new role at your workplace. Or a reinvention of your professional self.

You're excited by what lies ahead.

Get started with an executive coach who knows the feeling.

How can I help?

Know how you'll achieve your goals


Help others experience you in new ways


Grow your network and relationships  


Our work together

Yes, it's all about you. Your purpose. Your goals. Your career. I'm here to help you make your next difference.

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About me

I was once in a position that may be very similar to yours today. A coach's question led to a surprising outcome.

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