The difference an executive coach can make

I know my coach didn't expect one of her first questions to change my career and life. 

“Is there something you’re not telling yourself," she asked, "that you would say out loud if you knew nothing bad would happen?” 

Yes, as a matter of fact there was something – and it was scary. When I declared it to myself, I knew I was about to move a 20-year career along a very different path. And in the process I would be leaving the successful technology marketing business I co-founded, a tremendous business partner and an awesome group of employees.

From this point on I would be helping progressive businesses and nonprofits increase their impact. These would be people closing social and economic gaps, promoting sustainability and turning back environmental threats here in Oregon and across the country. I was proud of my firm's achievements. But I wanted to make a different difference.

Fast forward a decade

In addition to the strategy and brand work I do with organizations, I coach accomplished professionals who are ready for change. They’ve experienced success. And now they want to redirect their careers toward a new cause or need while rekindling a sense of meaning in their work. 

My professional path

My individual coaching and organizational consulting practices are guided by a simple principle: trust and communications start with listening. Any career success I’ve enjoyed has been built on a commitment to deep listening. First as a journalist out of graduate school at the University of Oregon. Then as a corporate communications manager. Followed by founding and growing a technology marketing agency. In the past decade I've advised mission-driven businesses and nonprofits and their executives on mission, strategy, brand and story. I bring all of these experiences to my executive coaching.

That's my story. What's yours?